IMR founded in 1959 is known as a leading supplier of high quality machines and services for the casting of copper based alloys. Through the years the extensive experience has been acquired worldwide through the supply of machinery to the top and major producer in the world.

Along the years, IMR technology has become the ultimate in the field of Copper Based Alloys Foundry Casting and, thanks to our growing experience, in the 80’s and 90’s IMR developed installations and machines conquering the world market. Our Clients have been supported by IMR technology maximising their quality and productivity.

From Milan  IMR transferred the headquarter to Trieste area in 1992 to continue with the policy of Globalisation and Internationalisation. In short time IMR USA Inc., based in Wisconsin (USA), and IMR Beijing Representative Office (CHINA) was started. In this way our clients across the world received a guaranteed presence of IMR staff, for after sale service and any other possible support.

From the end of the 90’s IMR offered high technology in the Machining division, with the implementation of an Italian specialized Transfer and Machining Centre manufacturing company.

From 2010 IMR offered a very efficient system in Polishing the surfaces (semi-automatic polishing unit).

The continuous changes of the scenery in the global market let IMR follow the different global needs and IMR (Shanghai) Machinery Co. Ltd consolidated the presence of IMR in China by opening four branch offices, and the increase in output made IMR the most spread out technology for copper based alloys around the world.

Recently in 2012 a branch office was opened in India creating IMR INDIA.

In this way IMR is able to offer and supply the Complete Chain of Production lines for sanitary taps,water meters and various types of fittings, starting from the Foundry division through to all phases,including Chromium Plating process, thanks to our external organization and cooperation with leading companies.

The new challenge for IMR is still all about Water! Our division, specialized also in Wastewater Treatment Plant, assures an efficient system for industrial and municipality purposes for all types of effluents. Water, a commodity to treasure!