Knowledge. Knowledge is an essential element for all of man’s activities. It is gained over time and is an integrated aspect at IMR for the innovation of the industry that it serves since 1959.

Since its long standing foundation IMR has taken on challenges and succeeded, because of a head strong and determined belief that nothing is impossible, but that there is only different degrees of difficulty.

For numerous applications in all fields of industry, the evaluation and implementation is performed by IMR  with its customers, by assisting with the design of the product, finding the most efficient methods for casting, machining, plating and polishing so as to reduce costs in production and finally the selection of not only our machinery, but materials and alloys compliant to various environmental specifications.
Projects of all sorts are approached with this knowledge. Knowledge that IMR passes on to its customers, as Technological partners, where Research & Development is shared and above all, IMR supplies everything tested, including dies, core boxes and tooling according to conditions found locally at the customers site. In recent years IMR has helped the copper alloy casting industry develop new methods with “new” alloy castings that are compliant to the most stringent environmental specifications.

By means of evaluating the customers needs and determining together with our experience gained from having worked with prestigious Manufacturers world wide and having also supplied turn – key projects in many areas of the developed and emerging industrial areas, IMR can determine what foundry machines are needed to suit production in the best of ways.

Our scope of supply can further be extended with the supply of our own manufactured Transfer machines and machining centres, semi – automatic polishing machines and other custom made machines. These machines have been designed so as to fit in with the majority of modern production methods, with the addition of process parameter data and Statistical Process Control, so as to comply with Quality Assurance methods implemented by our customers.

Indeed all of this is supported by our extensive after sales service teams from either our Head office and factory in Italy, or our branches in China, USA and India.
Times are changing and IMR and You can change with the times.