B3R Induction Furnace

Low frequency channel induction furnace for melting and holding brass, consisting of two basins, one for
loading and one for bail-out operations.

The basins are separated by a wall, with an opening in the lower part, thus allowing the metal to be transferred from the melting basin to the holding basin where it is at its cleanest.

The induction channel ring stands vertically so energy is transferred to the “alloy mix” creating a particular flow which improves the metal refinement.
The furnace can be equipped with a temperature control system, consisting of three thermocouples, with their relative regulators.

This provides the furnace with a high degree of efficiency and safety.
The furnace is cooled by means of two aspirator ventilators, which are controlled by the temperature out-put.
The furnace is built so as to simplify the maintenance and relining operations.

General Characteristics
•    Two basins, one for loading and one for bail-out
•    Brass inductor unit consisting of two rings connected in the centre
•    Electric cabinet for furnace control
•    PLC controlled to choose the most economic power depending on the hourly metal out-take
•    P.I.D. proportional optimised melting control
•    Induction cooling system with air blower/aspiration complete with thermocouple control
•    Cast iron sheath for thermocouple
•    Cover for basins (optional)
•    Fumes aspiration hood (optional)
•    Furnace power by Thyristore (optional)