BPL155SP Linear Low Pressure Die Casting Plant

The linear low pressure die casting automatic plant, BPL 155SP, is a last generation machine. The concept being aimed towards maximum flexibility.
It is for this reason that the machine is designed in a compact and modular form, therefore satisfying who needs to begin with a single station machine and in the future expand to a two-station machine.
The machine can in any event be operated by one operator only.

The technology applied to such a machine comprises aspects such as the IMR computer control pouring system, which has been today developed to a point where the operator has real time control over the pouring parameters, part programming and memory storage, batch statistical control and certification and final diagnostics of the casting parameters.

General Characteristics
•    One head manipulator
•    Pressurised three phase low  frequency channel induction furnace 125 kW
•    Hydraulic unit for manipulator movements
•    Pressurising unit with valves and instruments
•    Control panel for manipulator complete with PLC
•    Control panel for induction furnace
•    Computer control unit for furnace pressurisation and metal pouring
•    Safety photocell protection barrier
•    Arranged for the automatic loading of the ingots
•    Arranged for  a quick die set up and pre-heating station, with quick die change over coupling

Output Samples