C40H, C55H, C60X Gravity Die Casting Machine

This machine is used for the casting of brass and other copper alloys poured by gravity into the die, to obtain medium/large size pieces or small size pieces by using multi-cavity dies.


The dies carried on the machine can swing up to a diameter of 450 mm and with a maximum distance between the die-supporting flanges of 455 mm.
The machine, being a new generation gravity casting machine, is designed taking into consideration operator safety and ergonomics.

Output Sample

The main characteristics of this new concept machine are as follows:
•    Mechanical structure, which is far more robust, with all vital parts mounted in accessible and protected positions.
•    The dipping tank is an independent unit and can be easily removed if necessary. Furthermore during operation they are protected from sand, grease and oil accidentally falling into them.
•    The machine is supplied with a variable displacement pump, allowing to extend the life of the pump and to be much more silent.
•    Hydraulic and electric components, cylinders, and valves are also standard for easy replacement.

 General Characteristics

  • Frontal and side pouring
  • Independent dipping tanks
  • Presetting of dipping angle
  • Frontal positioning of dies for assembling and cleaning
  • Bench tilting and die closing adjustable for different die types
  • Die rotation in dipping tanks while submerged
  • Emergency pushbutton for die opening
  • Safety valves on cylinder for bench tilting
  • Static limit switch no mechanical contact)
  • Mechanical movements on conical bearing
  • Adjustable flow rate pump
  • Led on hydraulic valves
  • Led on limit switch
  • Counter for pouring count