FA2.5H Core Blower Machine

This machine is used for the production of small/medium size cores with the HOT BOX system. The machine has been studied and built for a blowing capacity of 2.5 litres. The machine is suplied with accident-prevention doors with safety switches and is equipped with an overhead fume-suction hood. The various production cycle phases (automatic or manual cycle) may be set by the operator by using the timer or mechanical adjustment. The machine process is controlled by a PLC control unit.
The core boxes are heated by  electric elements, the temperature is controlled by two independent thermocouples with their relative regulator.
The machine furthermore may be supplied with an automatic sand feeding system.

General Characteristics
•    Heavy steel frame structure
•    Chromed sliding rounded rails and protected by bronze bushing
•    Automatic discharge of sand cores on converyor belt by core box tilting
•    Indipendent heating system of two semi core boxes
•    Blowing head cooled by water cooling system
•    Adjustable blowing head plate
•    Vibrator on blowing cylinder
•    Electric and control cabinet
•    Ejection table on bushing slides
•    Bottom metal core ejector with thermoregulation
•    Static limit switch
•    Pneumatic cylinder and valves