FA5.0S Automatic Core Blowing Machine

This is a machine for the forming of sand cores with the “Hot Box” method, on request it is possible to convert the machine to the “Cold Box” and “Shell” method.
The machine movements are driven hydraulically, thus giving the machine an extremely high core box closing force.
The machine is capable of a 5-litre shot, therefore being able to form medium/large cores or small cores in a multi-cavity core box.

The machine process is controlled by a PLC control unit, which is supplied complete with a graphic display screen.
In order to ease the fitting of the core boxes the machine swings the arm assembly towards the operator.
The core boxes are heated by electric elements, the temperature is controlled by two independent thermocouples with their relative regulator.
The machine furthermore may be supplied with an automatic sand feeding system and an automatic core box cleaning system. 

General Characteristics
•    Heavy steel structure
•    Chrome plated rounded protected guides, with bronze sliding bushings
•    Hydraulic automatic cores unloading on a rubber conveyor belt by core box turnover
•    Electric heating with independent temperature control for each half core box (13,5+13,5 kW)
•    Water cooled blowing head
•    Blowing head plate with micrometric regulation
•    Vibrator on the cylinder of the blowing head
•    Electric power and control panel
•    Ejection bench sliding on brasses
•    Programmable Logic Control (PLC SIEMENS S7)
•    Automatic drawer for lower metal core with thermoregulation
•    Static limit switches
•    Hydraulic valves and cylinders

Output Sample